2 August ‘18: Holiday in colour

I recently read that 40 per cent of millennials choose holiday destinations based on whether they’ll photograph well for instagram. I’m old enough to be a millennial’s mum but I am, it would seem, guilty of the same thing. With a precious week off coming up, my first thought was ‘Where can I go that will give me plenty of colour to photograph?’ That’s how I ended up in Porto. I’m just a day in and already I’ve been filling my colour boots. This morning I did a pottery class @nu.coworkingcriativo hosted by Manu Souza @msouzaceramics (an @airbnbexperiences event) where I made and decorated a pot and this afternoon I’m still on a colour high. This clip (see link below) is Manu laying out colour sample discs for the glazes we chose from. I love the way she deftly puts them in colour order, the click of the discs as they are arranged into place and the final beautiful result. I don’t know about you but I find the clip mesmerising and deeply zen and keep on watching it over and over. Blimey, I’ve got this colour thing BAD. 

Martha, The Colour File x


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