2 August ‘18: We love analogue

Although he’s most definitely a digital native, second-in-command is going through an ‘analogue appreciation’ phase (‘Wow! I didn’t know we had THAT much vinyl!’ I’m now one per cent cooler than I was prior to this discovery). It’s largely been precipitated by an American series he’s been watching on Netflix which features cassette tapes. The other day we unearthed a mix tape made for me by the lovely @miriamnunberg in New York in the late 80s. SIC immediately started looking for Walkmans on Amazon (if he listens to this tape of mainly Joni Mitchell tracks, I suspect I’ll  drop back down the ‘cool mum’ chart and off the bottom). I, on the other hand, was admiring the multicoloured patterns Miriam had scribbled in crayon on the card insert (top right) and wistfully remembering how creative those little pieces of impromptu artwork made us. I love Spotify but it doesn’t let you do THAT, does it? 

Martha, The Colour File x 

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