2 July 18: The art of furniture-shifting

Are you a furniture-shifter?  Guilty as charged. When I was a kid, I loved nothing more than changing the look and feel of my bedroom. Bored with the same vista, I’d drag my bed, bedside table and desk from one side of the room to the other, usually in the dead of night. My mum would come in the next morning and wonder where she was (and where I was, for that matter). It’s no accident, then, that changing things round on shelves and trying new combinations of objects is such a big part of my life: it would seem I’ve been in training for decades 🤣This little copper wire unit that I picked up from @primark.home for £10 has got me all excited: yet another opportunity to show how one humble shelf unit can be given countless different personalities, just by ringing the changes with backgrounds and objects. Today it’s in my kitchen, but as a furniture-shifter, I can guarantee it won’t be there for long. Come back soon to see where it ends up next 😉

Many artha, The Colour File x

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