23 July 18: The glory of flat lays

Welcome to Monday, folks.

I’ve always been mesmerised by aerial view photography. I think my love of what you can see if you soar way above something started when I was about nine and dreamed I flew away from my school bullies and circled and swooped around them, higher and higher above the playground, as they frustratedly tried to grab my feet (I still regularly dream that I can fly – feel free to analyse). Offering up a similar sense of perspective, I’ve also become a massive fan of flat lays and, as you’ll no doubt have gleaned from my pictures, love nothing more than a photo of a cluster of colourful curios shot from above. Take these @lindybarlettaceramics pots and bowls at @barnesfairs They look delectable from the side, it’s true, but from above I feel they come into their own. I recently discovered the extraordinarily captivating feed of antiques magpie @jesselauzon who I have crowned the undisputed king of this pleading art form. Take a look and prepare to be delighted. 

Martha, The Colour File x

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