26 July 18: Heartfelt shelfie

Do you ever go through a period of having certain types of dreams? It would appear I’m in the midst of an anxiety dream phase: you know, missing my plane, my brakes failing as I career round a merciless hairpin bend, that kind of thing. The only one that hasn’t featured so far is being naked in a packed shopping centre apart from my socks *shudder*

This ‘for all the world to see’ nightmare is, I think, the most surprising omission, considering I have effectively bared my creative soul in writing Shelfie and have been in a state of metaphorical nudity ever since. I’ve been both inspired and mollified by quotes about the creative process since this ‘nude angst phase’ began, from Picasso’s ‘creativity takes courage’ (read ‘I may feel like a mouse but I need to act like a lion’) to Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.’

I’ve also picked up some wisdoms from a blog about creativity by the wonderful Emma Jane Palin @emmajanepalin who advises you to ‘listen to your soul’. I have decided to remind myself of these things each day, especially when I’m quivering under the strain of self-doubt, to give myself permission to feel a bit scared and to know that that’s all part of pushing out personal boundaries. Does any of this sound familiar, my lovely chums?

Martha, The Colour File x

PS Here is today’s ‘wearing my heart on a square’ shelfie offering, inspired by the blue-green of Cardigan Bay and how it seems to change hour by hour from teal through to milky blue. 

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