26 July 18: The joy of oddjects

Hello, folks. One thing I love about holidaying with friends is the opportunity to act like overgrown kids and laugh like drains for days on end. Yesterday, my friend Sarah and I guffawed our way round the charity shops of Cardigan and, between us, ended up buying a pair of startled-looking China mantelpiece dogs (now named Tess and Tickles – thanks, SIC 😳) and no fewer than three China cats (animal shelfie, anyone? No? You sure?) I’m not sure why we did it – we weren’t even drunk – but suffice to say, the cottage dining room could now easily be mistaken for an animal sanctuary for dubious porcelain statuettes. Not so long ago, my lovely chum psychologist @drmegarroll carried out a poll which found that two-thirds of people felt happier after doing things that ignited their inner child or childhood memories, including doodling (my favourite thing to doodle is joined-up circles and spheres, like the buttons and marbles in these pics). But it would seem that buying ‘oddjects’ (odd objects) fills me with more childlike mirth than a doodle could ever provide. I’m still laughing now 😆 Here’s to oddjects – happiness, it seems, is oddject-shaped.

Martha, The Colour File x

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