27 July 18: Front door fervour

What, Friday already? How does a week go so fast in west Wales? I only started snapping delectable Georgian doors in Cardigan two days ago and need more time! My work is not yet done!!

I LOVE front doors. When I look at a front door, I see an entire story unfolding. I imagine who lives or works there, who chose the colour and whether the choice caused any bust-ups, rifts or ding-dongs. There is so much more to a front door than you could ever imagine.

I remember a friend once telling me how he would use door numbers on the walk to school as a prop to help ignite the ‘joy’ of mental maths in his kids. I also remember feeling supremely guilty that this hadn’t even crossed my mind: that’s because I was too busy telling second-in-command ‘Now THAT is indigo, which is neither blue nor purple, do you see that?’ to tell him anything remotely useful like ‘…and can you see that all of the numbers on this side of the road are even numbers?’

What about you? Do you have ‘front door fervour’?

Martha, The Colour File x

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