What’s your first colourful holiday memory?

Good morning, folks.

Well, I’m three days in to my Porto colour holiday and I’m having a riot, so much so I’ve done something I’ve never done before and extended my trip for another night.

When it comes to colourful experiences in Portugal, I get the feeling you always need one more day. The last time I came to Portugal was when I was four and even that was colourful.

I wore a white dress with pink spots (bought as an ironic gesture by my mum because I had measles) and stayed in a villa that had different coloured chairs around the dining table.

Naturally, I also remember sardines (I’m loving these beautiful coloured cloth, Liberty-style ones, top left.

Thankfully they are EVERYWHERE as a feast for the eyes) and an ice cream machine that malfunctioned and poured out a river of ice-cream, much to my amusement. What’s your earliest funny holiday memory? 

Martha, The Colour File x

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