4 July 18: Dolls house door

Welcome to Wednesday.

Do you remember I recently told you I was going to paint the front door at Colour File HQ? My friend @zoeellinson suggested painting it in several colours. Good idea? I thought so. Second-in-command, however, disagreed. Halfway through me painting it, he returned from school and declared that it looked like ‘a doll’s house’ [read ‘What would my friends think?!] Fair enough. So, in the absence of being permitted to use every colour, I had to settle for one. I know: Hard. Really hard. Luckily, I’ve been in love with this minty blue-green for a while (see bottom left, before I took the masking tape off). It’s called Forest Falls by @duluxuk (I saw a similar colour on a dress, top left, at the @oliverbonas AW18 Press event yesterday) and it’s delicious. Oh, and apparently nothing like a doll’s house. Phew!

Martha, The Colour File x 

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