Colourful Porto street art

Since arriving in Porto four days ago I’ve been hunting for someone I know.

Well, not technically ‘know’: more a case of knowing their work. I’ve loved the street art of Christian Guemy (aka C215 @christianguemy ) for years.

My love of his work comes from a picture I have of his young daughter Nina. She looks down sulkily on the kitchen table while we eat breakfast at Colour File HQ (she’s all grown up now and those scowls are probably a thing of the past). So far I haven’t spotted any C215s in Porto.

The question is: am I looking for something that isn’t actually there? Because I accidentally came across some of his work in Barcelona a couple of years ago and recently noticed some in Brick Lane, I assume it’ll be everywhere I decide to go to 🤔😆

No joy so far, but my scoping had been rewarded with the work of another street artist, this time of the home-grown variety in the form of Hazul Luzah.

The patterns (inspired by the swirls and twirls of the written Portuguese language) are intricate and feminine and make me think of lace or henna patterns on somebody’s hands.

Tomorrow I’ll be searching for more street art as part of my colour quest. In the meantime, let me know who I should be looking  out for and I’ll endeavour to snap then. 

Martha, The Colour File x 

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