7 August ‘18: I miss doing shelfies!

Hello folks. I’ve had such a joyful and colourful holiday in Porto but inevitably the time has come to head home. For starters there’s second-in-command (he knows how to make toast now but still…), my gaggle of gorgeous UK friends who I need to catch up with and, of course, the fact that if I don’t leave, I’ll miss out on the joy of coming back. The other thing is that whilst I’ve found immeasurable happiness in doing colourful, artistic things in Portugal, from making ceramics and screen printing (bottom right) through to snapping hundreds and hundreds of Colour File pics (including street art, top left, by Nuno Costah), the past week has also brought on a severe case of SWS: Shelfie Withdrawal Syndrome. I can almost feel my fingers itching from not being able to rearrange stuff (is there a cream for that?). I can see it now: I’ll open the front door to Colour File HQ, walk over the inevitable mountain of post, plonk the case down and head straight to my shelves for a good half hour of shelfieing (that’s a shelfie ‘lite’ session to tide me over til the next day). Ah, even the thought of it is helping to alleviate the creative itch. Any thoughts on what colour shelfie you’d like me to rustle up? Or are you happy to let me just go with the creative flow?

Martha, The Colour File x

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