9 July 18: Recycle & repurpose

Morning, folks. When I spent six time in India before university, one of many things that struck me was how many objects ended up repaired or recycled. Obviously, needs must in countries that don’t always enjoy the prosperity that we do but I always felt there was more to it that – there’s a challenge to reviving and refreshing things rather than saying ‘That’s it – move on.’ I remember a stall that mended flip-flops (the ultimate throw-away footwear in the West) and I bought some sandals made from recycled tyres and leather. At times I feel we’re getting better at being like this in the UK (I found a bin that’s woven from recycled magazines) but we still have some way to go (for example, a 2017 study found that three-quarters of us throw away rather than recycle or donate unwanted clothes). What’s the coolest recycled or repurposed thing you’ve ever seen? 

Martha, The Colour File x

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