Cobalt blue shelfie

I remember the first time I saw a lapis lazuli gemstone. I was 16 and was Interrailing around Europe for a month with five friends (who were also 16: what were our parents thinking?…If you’re reading this, SIC, the answer is ‘No, you’ll be going to Devon.’)

We ended up on a Greek island, and there, in a local shop, amongst the postcards and fridge magnets was THE most beautiful lapis ring I’d ever seen (so beautiful that I ended up buying it and eating just bread for days). I’ve loved that colour ever since, which is why I adore Ultra Blue paint by Little Greene.

It contains the same lapis pigment that was used in Renaissance Italy to paint the Virgin Mary’s distinctive robes (it was the most expensive blue pigment used during that time).

I used to have it in my kitchen where it served as the perfect backdrop to my ever-growing collection of white with multi crockery and where it dazzled me with its wondrousness every single day until I fell for pastels and gave it a makeover.

I’m still not convinced my love of cobalt blue is over. I seem to be using it more and more in my art, especially now that Yes! Colours have their own iteration of it, Electric Blue.

Isn’t it just the best?!

Martha, The Colour File x

Sumptuous Electric Blue from Yes! Colours

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