Ocean and river plastic collage

Recently, I’ve been creating a series of Thames plastic collages, set against different coloured backgrounds.

In a slightly obsessional curatorly fashion, I’ve enjoyed keeping the Thames batch separate from my other plastic litter hauls to give them a chance to sing on their own.

There’s been a sense of self-containedness that I’ve loved from working with this cluster alone: this plastic started off who knows where in London before settling in communion with other shards and pieces on the same humble patch of tide-prone Thames path.

But yesterday I realised the time had come to put the Thames haul together with those I’d found in other far flung places including Devon, Cornwall and France to see how they’d work together.

Here is the result. I’m loving the 3D-ness of this collage, how the plastic jostles, builds and overlaps in a happy and diverse explosion of colour. Joyful. Have a great day. 

Martha, The Colour File x

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