The shelfie props I take on holiday

What’s the strangest item you’ve ever taken on holiday with you? Whatever it is, I bet I can totally out-strange you.

Before I go away, I often pack some favourite colourful shelfie objects to take with me, namely:

✅ Vintage Penguin books

✅ Vintage cotton reels

✅ Multicoloured ocean/marine plastic

I mean, perish the thought that I’d be without a rainbow collection or other to sort or shelfie with while I’m away. That would be like the adult equivalent of forgetting to take a beloved, moth-eared teddy with you.

Since discovering the mood-elevating powers of doing shelfies, I always make sure I have a few bits from my shelfie ‘capsule wardrobe’ with me when I go away.

Usually it’s a small but perfectly formed (and easily transportable) spectrum of Penguin books and a gaggle of colourful vintage cotton reels. I might even fling in a coral or two, depending on where I’m going.

With these few items, I know I can improvise wherever I go, adding in local finds (where did you say that flea market is?) and flowers to complete the look. One thing I rarely take with me is my marine plastic, largely because I know I’ll be scouring the coast for more when I’m there. I’ll miss it, though: I get endless pleasure from arranging it in potentially never-ending combinations.

As such, I’m always ahead of the holiday shelfie game. 

Do I often forget shampoo? Yes. Do I always remember toothbrushes? No. Do I care? I think not. I have colour aplenty and all is well. 

Martha, The Colour File x

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