What colour were your favourite childhood books?

As I seem to spend so much time declaring my unabashed ardour for arranging coloured books on shelves (just LOOK at these with some of my marine plastic finds 😍) I decided I’d try to recall what some of my first colourful book memories were to see where it all began.

Colourful book covers I remember from my childhood

Ant and Bee and the Rainbow

I still love this book though I think I will always be disappointed that it features a rainbow that doesn’t have green in it.

Two-Can Toucan

He was black and white until he carried one too many cans of paint and ended up with a multicoloured beak, not to mention a new name.

Fifth Formers At St Clare’s

On account of it having a purple cover where previous ones had been red or turquoise blue. I nearly went into orbit with excitement as a teenager when I went to buy it from our local book shop.

What colourful book memories do you have from your childhood?

Martha, The Colour File x



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