16 August 18: When does colour love start?

Hello folks.

Having talked about beach huts yesterday, I’ve had paint colour on my mind (in truth, it’s pretty much always on my mind. My handbag always contains at least one paint card with me to lust over at any given time @mypainthouse  @farrowandball@littlegreenepaintcompany@craigandrosepaints ). One reason is that I came across these pictures of windows I took in Aberaeron a few weeks ago and gasped with joy at how handsome they are so I felt I just HAD to share them with you. And secondly, because second-in-command has just told me he wants his bedroom painted white. Instead of freaking out (after all, he could have asked for a tattoo) I’ve decided to embrace his request and run with it. Yesterday @marydarchdesign@pearlhemingway and I were discussing how early childhood colour experiences have informed our love of colour in later life and how cool that is. I’m all for early colour experimentation: it helps you to find your ‘voice’ and to work out who you are, not just creatively but in other parts of your life, too. It may just look like colour but it’s about self-determination, too. Anyway, as you were…I’m off to order some white emulsion…. Martha, The Colour File x PS thank you so much for your lovely messages about my nomination in the Amara Interior Blogging Awards. Am feeling the love. If you haven’t yet voted (or can think of someone who might like to), the link is in my biog 😘😘😘

Martha, The Colour File x

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