17 August 18: Yellow, I love you!


Ah, yellow! How I love you! It hasn’t always been that way. Let me explain: It wasn’t that I disliked you, it’s just you didn’t appear on my radar. But since the emergence of Gen Z yellow, I’ve realised I probably loved you all along, deep inside. Maybe thats why the colour of my book, Shelfie, ended up yellow (see third pic). I was thrilled to see that yellow has taken over the latest issue of @stylistmagazinewith articles including what it means if you like wearing yellow (as I mentioned on a previous Colour File blog, it’s the colour we are generally most reluctant to wear for fear of being judged) and Robyn Wilder’s evocative piece about her mum’s yellow biriani @orbyn Love it all. In praise of Stylist’s yellow adoration, I did this yellow shelfie yesterday, showcasing some of my favourite yellow objects and books from Colour File HQ. I also opened up an email today and, waddyaknow? I found this bright array of yellow objects popping out at me (second pic – I want them ALL!) Oh, and look what’s gone and happened: the sun has come out. Today, all roads, it would seem, lead to yellow. See, yellow, it’s not just me that loves you 😘💛💛💛

Martha, The Colour File x

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