A story of loss and love: green for Oscar

I always wear green for Oscar, my son’s twin brother, who died.

It’s a colour tradition that happened largely by accident. I was still in hospital with prem Ezra and I asked his dad to grab whatever he could find from home for me to wear to Oscar’s funeral.

The house was a chaotic bare brick building site (the babies arrived 10 weeks early) but he managed to find a green cardigan and green shoes.

I wore them to the funeral then never wore them again: I felt that they ‘belonged’ to Oscar from that point onwards.

However, since then I’ve worn something green every day, sometimes in the form of clothing but always in the form of a tiny emerald embedded on the inside of my eternity ring.

For me, green is about renewal and hope but it’s also about deep, eternal love.

Love you, Oscar, my moon and stars baby. Forever in my heart 💚💚💚💚💚

Mummy xxx


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