Colourful beach huts

HANDS UP who had a Wendy house when they were a kid?

I didn’t (which possibly explains the ‘dolls house’ interior of Colour File HQ) but I had a friend who did and we spent many happy hours busying ourselves within its plastic walls.

Better still, my cousins had a garden shed complete with floral curtains and stable door where we’d play houses, make mud pies and occasionally get irritated with each other (just like a real home, then?). I think it’s these early memories of innocent micro-living that make the thought of a beach hut so enticing.

My desire for a teeny-tiny seaside shed came flooding back when I visited Whitstable with SIC and friends yesterday.

The place is awash with them and in all sorts of outré and inspired colour-ways (like this gorgeous one, bottom left, and this scrumptious vintage-inspired one belonging to local artist Jo Oakley @jooakley 📷@andreasvoneinsiedel in the second pic).

I read that in some seaside resorts, there are rules about the colour of beach huts (only white in Goring, apparently. I say WHAT?).

Personally, I love the idea that these are the opportunity for people to be brave about colour and push out personal boundaries in a way they possibly find more challenging within their day-to-day lives.

Embracing colour can be scary, I know, but I feel it only takes one small step, one ‘leap of faith’ object or paint sample purchase, to start the cascade and gain some colour confidence in the process. What are your thoughts? What object or paint colour choice helped YOU to be more colour courageous?

Martha, The Colour File x

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