The story of fractal art

Fractal pictures were all the rage in 1989 (yeah, ok, so you weren’t even born then…) when I went to uni in breezy Brighton.

Turns out this was probably influenced by a New York exhibition called ‘Strange Attractors: Signs of Chaos’ which included these wonderfully organic, psychedelic, colourful computer-created patterns.

It started on 14 September 1989, just as we bounced into freshers’ week and worked out how to live with other people but how not to burn toast. Fractal art entered our lives at a key moment of change and discovery.

I’m still fascinated by these kinds of winding, evolving and emerging patterns and was reminded of them when I saw this flower street art in Porto’s Rua da Flores and these flower brooches in Portobello Road yesterday.

If you stare at them you can almost see them contracting, expanding and blooming. Or is that just me thinking I’m a student again?….

Martha, The Colour File x 

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