19 September 18: Ocean perfection

What’s your favourite animal?

For years I wasn’t sure. I’m not an ardent horse-lover or someone who feels compelled to stroke random dogs (though if you’ve got one, yours is adorable and a credit to you, BTW). And whilst I enjoyed honeymooning on safari, in truth I can really take or leave the big five. It was only when I stayed in the @hotelestherea in Amsterdam a few years ago and had my face pressed up against their divine tropical fish tank wall for virtually the entire trip that it suddenly occurred to me, ‘My favourite animals are FISH!!!’ The colours!!!! The shapes!!!!’ And all that without even the slightest man-made embellishments. When it comes to spectacular colour, tropical fish are the real deal. That’s why I loved seeing this gorgeous Blue Ocean Tropical Corals wallpaper by @sarahfortescuedesignwhose aim is to highlight preserving our oceans from human destruction. I think this wallpaper (which Sarah tells me was inspired by The Blue Planet 2 and has just been launched @decorex) may have to feature in Colour File HQ somewhere. Can’t promise not to press my face up against this as well – it’s waaay too gorgeous to leave alone. 🐠 🐟 🐠 🐟

Martha, The Colour File x

PS thanks to the lovely @girlabouthouse for taking the pics of me. I tried to do one of those cool ‘I’m not looking at the camera’ instapics. A woeful fail. Always was better at the ‘cackle and snap’. Stick with what you know, huh?

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