21 August 18: Brown & blue beauty shelfie


What’s not to love about a beauty shelfie? I recently spent a day arranging some at @pureprlondon @pureprinteriors in central London. In a nutshell, this meant a day let loose in their stockroom, examining the colours of bottles and boxes and arranging them together on a String Pocket shelf unit along with my assorted props. I only meant to stay for an hour or two but ended up there for so long they were pretty much locking up and flicking off the lights around me. Shelfie love is blind *sigh*. Here’s one of the shelfies I did, incorporating products from @perriconemd_uk @malinandgoetz@moroccanoil @ritahazan and @super.facialist It’s in brown and blue (pretty much the only time I love brown, as my regular followers will know). Tomorrow, I’ve got a whole blissful day of shelfieing at Pure’s Pure Academy where I’ll be passing on some of my shelfie tips from my Shelfie book (looking forward to seeing you, if you’re going 👍🏻) and generally being like a pig in brown stuff at the opportunity to arrange shelves all day. I’ll be working alongside experts from Moroccan Oil, @burleighpottery@aromatherapyassociates @elfcosmetics@goldfadenmd Exciting!!!! Watch this space for stories and posts from the day.

Martha, The Colour File x

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