21 August 18: The theatre of interiors

I have a question for you lovely people?

When you’re arranging interiors, do you ever approach what you’re doing like you’re directing players on a stage? For example, thinking about the ‘lead actor’ in a stage play and who they need around them to support that particular dramatic moment? Considering how the lighting will work and whether it’s building up to a scene change? I’ve come to the conclusion that I do this. For me, interiors is about a whole host of things: aesthetics, liveability, comfort and, of course, colour display. But it’s also about drama and theatre 🎭 When I set a scene (like I do with shelfies) I love to feel the dynamism of it, the hushed babbling interaction of the objects and the feeling that it’s very much in the present yet subject to change at any moment (generally when I’ve been to a flea market or on a High Street recce). Today, however, the drama came when I needed to hang my @stinegoya dress somewhere and suddenly noticed how deliciously it would go with my teeny-tiny multicoloured front door picture wall. And so it is and so it shall stay for a bit. As with theatre, I’ll stand back from it to admire, and look, then look again, taking in the wonder of it before it’s time for the scene to change once more.

Martha, The Colour File x

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