One sample pot per shelfie shelf

I think I may be addicted. Come on, I bet you are, too. How many do you own right now? Five? Ten? Personally, I’ve lost count of mine. All I know is there’s a drawer full of them in the utility room at Colour File HQ and a few more besides.

Being the colour geek that I am, I open the drawer on a regular basis and run my fingers over the jars and cans, imagining where those colours will appear next on my walls (as well as countless imaginary projects). Sometimes their fate is big statement schemes, like an entire room or a piece of furniture, but more often it’s a project in miniature, like behind a shelf or even the shelf itself (this one here).

I’ve discovered that one sample pot is enough to cover the entire inside and edges of this shelf – what I often refer to as my ‘working shelf’ for shelfies. Whatever the colour I use in this space, I love the effect of the colour intensifying in the lightless corners and where the shelf meets the wall and I get excited to see this effect each time I ring the colour changes. It’s been this colour for a while but I have recently been given an incredible fresh shade to try out that couldn’t be more different to this current iteration.

Keep an eye on The Colour File where it’ll be making an appearance soon. In the meantime, for the sake of records (and to reassure me that I’m not alone in my excessive passion for paint), how many sample pots DO you actually own? Anything like 50?…just checking…..

Martha, The Colour File x

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