27 August 18: Never say ‘brown’…

Yup, today’s Colour File quartet is brown.

I know what you’re thinking but no, I haven’t lost it. I may even be coming round to it slightly (I put it down to working with @stringfurnitureString Pocket shelf in walnut and black at Pure PR’s Pure Academy last week. Deliciously classic). Today’s brown inspiration came from various sources, including Hope the dog, sitting curled up under the table, and a slate wall-hanging painted with Welsh words (Pembrokeshire-inspired, from what I can glean). I’m also getting more inspiration from nature than I usually do (like this ancient immovable speckled rock at Newport Beach). I guess it’s a case of never say never, even when it comes to your least favourite colour, huh? Maybe I need to rise to a brown interiors challenge soon. Yes or no?….Have a great bank holiday.

Martha, The Colour File x

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