28 August 18: Pining for this corner

…and back.

What do you miss when you’ve been away from home? Here’s what I don’t miss: a pile of mail on the mat (almost always brown envelopes), forgetting to buy milk for that important post-journey brew and putting four consecutive loads of washing on the line before the heavens open. Here’s what I discover I HAVE missed: my rainbow of vintage Penguins, my goose down @johnlewisretail pillow (it’s the poshest thing I own) and this Angie pink @littlegreenepaintcompany corner of the living room at Colour File HQ. It gives me soooo much pleasure, and as I prepare for a colour overhaul of pretty much this entire place, I find myself looking to it for inspiration. A new addition is a turquoise green vintage Penguin (sitting under the dog) plus a bear hanging off the willow (available @oliverbonas later this year). How about you? Do you have a spot in your home that provides you with joy and inspiration for everywhere else?

Martha, The Colour File x

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