29 August 18: Cash Is King exhibition

Have you ever been asked that leading question, ‘Who is your inspiration?’

As I mention in my book, Shelfie, when it comes to colour and style, my icon is the inimitable Iris Apfel. She does it her way and she doesn’t give a damn about convention (by the way, happy 97th birthday, Iris). When my friends and neighbours, the wondrously talented Bob & Carrie @rebelnottaken@carriereichardt asked me to decorate a bank note for their Cash is King book, a) I was thrilled and b) I decided that @iris.apfel would just HAVE be the subject. As my followers know, brown and beige aren’t exactly my favourite colours to work with so I decided to pimp up a brown note by calling the currency ‘Apfels’ and making the issuer ‘The Bank of No Beige’. Here it is in the flesh (bottom left) and in the book (bottom right, complete with @vvrouleauxtrimmings). Me and my decidedly amateur offering humbly defer to great artistic luminaries whose work appears in there, too, including Dave Buonaguidi @realhackneydave the sublimely colourful Alex Rhys @alexander.rhys.artist and Marc Craig @creativethinkin (whose decorated note may have accidentally fallen into my online shopping basket…whoops…) Tomorrow it’s the private viewing (SIC is attending with me, and Bob says his eyes will ‘be on stalks 👀’….#badmother?) but after that it’s open to all you lovely people. It’s at @saatchi_gallery in London from 30 August til 8 September. Don’t miss it.

Martha, The Colour File x


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