4 September 18: London Design Biennale


Have you ever been to an exhibition and woefully/happily lost track of time? Well, that’s what happened to me yesterday at the second London Design Biennale. The theme this year is Emotional States and participants from 40 countries are exhibiting design installations to show how design can affect our emotions. These range from a stunning rainbow light display by Australia’s Full Spectrum to celebrate same sex marriage laws (see second pic from my chums Mark & David @forwardfeatures x) to creating your own national identity on a t-shirt, with inspiration from enticing visuals (Puerto Rico’s Soft Identity Makers, top left and bottom right) and crafting treasured design classics from discarded objects (Germany’s Pure Gold, top right and bottom left). I particularly love Dundee’s Shpeel prototype tool which uses coloured light to help young people in distress to convey how they are feeling by using colours rather than words (third pic). Pakistan’s Aangan (see clip) celebrating the female garment industry and Guatemala’s Palopó project (fourth pic) both stole my heart. Wandering around there made me realise how important it is to constantly push yourself out of your design comfort zone, to test and transgress your own boundaries to find the places and spaces where you learn, set aside your own habits and blast open your eyes, your mind and your world. This is the place. Just be warned: you may be there for six hours, like me…
It’s on until 23 September at @somersethouse.

Martha, The Colour File X

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