6 September 18: My favourite quotes

One thing I love about social media is quotes.

Whether it’s a snap of a board at a Tube station or a picture by a talented artist, I find these little nuggets of wisdom can be just the thing you need to read. Even the irritating ones are a talking point. Having just met up with a friend who needed an early morning anxiety-zapping chat, it got me thinking about these quotes. I have one on a cushion at Colour File HQ (see pic) that reminds me on a daily basis, ‘She believed she could so she did.’ I particularly appreciate this when I have those moments of self-doubt that strike us all from time to time. My other favourite one is an age old quote, ‘This too shall pass’, which i find especially invaluable when I’m oppressed by anxiety and finding it hard to see straight. I once considered having it as a tattoo on my lower back but thought it might be misconstrued as an oblique commentary on my bowel movements 🤔😮🤣 What are your favourite quotes and do you have them in your home: on a cushion, picture or even in the form of a tattoo?

Martha, The Colour File x 

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