Creating a Pure PR Shelfie

Yesterday, I spent the day what I love doing most: shelfies.

As part of their Pure Academy, @purepr set me the challenge of doing a number of shelfies to showcase an array of their luxe beauty products, using a white String Pocket shelving unit as the starting point.

Now, I’m known for my maximalism which is just as well given how many lovely bottles of lotions, potions, oils and pills they have to play with (not to mention @burleighpotterypieces) but I brought the various pieces together with white.

As well as keeping it cool and calm, no matter what the colour way, it also meant that the various bottles and boxes I was asked to incorporate ‘spoke’ to each other.

Another fun thing about the event was my lovely friend Sarah Mailer @girlabouthouse coming along and doing a Shelfie, too (see pic below), this time on a black and dark wood String Pocket.

I became the shelfie assistant for a while as she worked her magic (just as well you turned up, Sarah: I was wondering how I was going to get to that shelf without an upturned bucket to stand on…😆😘) Isn’t her Shelfie gorgeous? Anyway, hope you have a fantabulous day.

Martha, The Colour File x

Shelfie by Sarah Mailer @girlabouthouse. Isn’t it wonderful?



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