How do you organise your books?

I’m obsessed with how people organise their books.

I ask pretty much everyone I come across, ‘What’s your system?’ I just came across a 2014 survey that asked people this very question. Joy of joys.

Apparently, the main preference is by genre (37 per cent) followed by alphabetically by author, totally randomly then by size.

Back in 2014, by colour order represented just 7 per cent but I wager it’d be more now since the interiors colour explosion has occurred in the past couple of years.

Oh, and then there’s the category of ‘other’ (13 per cent). Now THAT, I reckon, is the most fascinating area: what secrets does this category hold? How deliciously mysterious. Someone recently told me about a friend who puts their books in order of reading them.

Think about it for a bit and I reckon you’ll find that mind-blowing as I did. When did they start?

And is the first book on there The Hungry Caterpillar? What would the first book in your ‘order of being read’ bookshelf be?

Martha, The Colour File x

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