The story of red clover bugs

On The Colour File a while back, I told you about the time my brother and I were made to whitewash a wall at the family farm in Wales as kids after I made him stand against it while he played ‘dodge the slime’ that I flung at him with a stick.

Being in Wales again, I remembered something else about those walls (amazing how walls can prompt so many memories).

I’d spend what felt like hours studying the teensiest bright red insects busying themselves along the window sills.

Turns out these little pinprick-sized blobs were clover bugs (I just looked it up: four decades of mystery solved).

I have to confess I squished a few to see what would happen, like there was any doubt (I was only about five, that’s my excuse).

Anyone else ever seen (and squashed) these little red critters?

Martha, The Colour File x 

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