Where my shelfie inspo came from

Naturally, I’m faffing about with shelves today.

Apart from realising that one of my shelves is bowing slightly and I need to sort it out (Top tip: learn from my mistakes and avoid MDF if you’ve got heaps of books) I’ve been reminiscing about something that undoubtedly informed my passion for shelves and still life arrangements.

As a child, I’d love visiting my godmother Katina and her husband, William Brooker, a Royal Academy artist.

Sometimes I’d be allowed to sneak a peak in his light-drenched studio and look at what he was working on. I was especially fascinated by a shelf of boxes, bottles and containers (especially a green and white striped perfume box – anyone know what this perfume is?).

It was such a soothing scene and I loved the fact he’d captured it on canvas forever.

Martha, The Colour File x



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