Monthly Archives: October 2018

Interior designer Sarah Mailer: My Colourful World

Sarah Mailer is the brains behind the brilliant Girl About House blog as well as being a much sought-after interior designer and ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2017. She is also THE undisputed queen of walking and talking stories on Instagram (and always in heels). Here, she tells The Colour File about what colour […]

Orange and lemon shelfie

Happy #shelfiessunday!  I don’t know about you (and I know I’ve said it before) but around these parts, Sunday is a day for not doing very much (read ‘Made it to the pound shop.’ Living the dream, kids). However, whatever I’m doing (or not doing) my thoughts inevitably turn to creating a #shelfie. Isn’t that really what […]

Shelf styling with a white wall

When I started doing Shelfies at Colour File HQ around 18 months ago, I began with what I playfully dubbed my ‘shelfie noir’ series. The black @farrowandball background behind most of my shelves makes the perfect backdrop for colourful Shelfies. Recently, however, I have found myself hankering after the calming effect of a white Shelfie wall. Multicoloured […]

The joy of flat lays

Who loves aerial views? Whether it’s the view from a plane or pictures of the earth from space, I’ve been mesmerised by them for longer than I can recall. There’s something about the bird’s eye view that is beautiful beyond the pale: somehow that perspective makes even the ordinary (like a gathering of sea containers […]

A story about colourful stamps

A friend of mine was an avid collector of stamps when he was a kid. He’d buy them with his birthday and pocket money and amassed a large stash of them, including loads of UK ones. Years later, while clearing out their loft, his parents found them and decided not to let them go to […]

Eduardo Paolozzi’s London Underground mosaics

Have you ever noticed something for the first time that you’ve actually seen a million times before? I had that the other day when I was at a Tube station and actually took a moment to look around me. It was Tottenham Court Road and the thing I noticed was the mosaics on the walls […]