The joy of flat lays

Who loves aerial views?

Whether it’s the view from a plane or pictures of the earth from space, I’ve been mesmerised by them for longer than I can recall.

There’s something about the bird’s eye view that is beautiful beyond the pale: somehow that perspective makes even the ordinary (like a gathering of sea containers or a field of tulips) seem out of this world, like the sublime pictures by @tommy.clarke (if you haven’t seen them, do).

I wonder if this is where my love of flat lays comes from, too? I thought about this as I clustered some of my recent yellow acquisitions together.

I realise that whilst I appreciate detail (like in the weave of a fabric or in the stoke of an artist’s brush) I also see the importance of and visual perspective gained from overview as well: whether close up or zooming out, you gather important information to help you make sense of things.

Martha, The Colour File x

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