10 October 18: World Mental Health Day

So, today is World Mental Health Day.

Anyone who knows me will know this is a subject close to my heart. And so for just a minute I’m going to get political. Despite what it might like to say, the government ISN’T putting enough money into mental health services, suicide IS the biggest killer of men under 40 and cuts to services for children and young adults ARE happening at a time when the very opposite is needed. Experts do what they can – I know this because I’ve seen a few in my time and they are amazing, considering they’re having to cut the cake into thousands of impossibly tiny yet meaningful pieces. But what’s being offered is in no way matched by what is needed. While we wait for this supertanker to turn its direction, it’s important to exercise self-care. And this includes the little things, the things that might feel like you’re rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic but help you to cope in small, incremental ways, like reaching out to and connecting with friends and loved ones, being mindful (I do this by doing #shelfies) or having a long, stress-blitzing bath. Whatever you’re doing today and however you’re feeling, I’m sending you big, big love.

Martha, The Colour File x 

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