12 October 18: #wakeuptohomelessness

Welcome to Friday, lovely people.

I apologise straight away for subjecting you to a slightly wonky picture of my early morning mugshot but there is a good reason for it, I promise. I was challenged by Emily @pinkhouseliving to post my ‘Just woken up’ pic on here as part of the #WakeUpToHomelessnesscampaign, organised by St Mungo’s. Rough sleeping is on the increase – in fact, it’s gone up in England by 169 per cent since 2010. I had to read that stat several times because I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s shocking and wrong in the extreme. St Mungo’s are asking us to share photos of our morning to encourage us to think about those who wake up outside on the streets rather than having the luxury of a comfortable bed after a safe night’s slumbers. They’re asking us to ▪️Share a selfie of us waking up in the morning, tagging #wakeuptohomelessness
▪️Encourage others to do the same
▪️ Donate £5 by texting WUTH18 to 70070
▪️Tag three friends. So waddyareckon @stylemum @girlabouthouse @_.s.a.s.h._? Anyone else?….

Martha, The Colour File x

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