17 October 18: Bordeaux, my colour muse

Who, what or where is your creative muse?

Although historically a person or even a goddess, I’ve discovered that a muse (a source of artistic inspiration) can appear in the form of an inspiring place, too. Over the years I’ve found my colour muse in various places, including India where colour confidence is part of the fabric of the place so knitted itself into my very being, too. But being interviewed by @emmamtstylist for her #insidestylistspodcast got me thinking about which other places my colour inspiration has come from. One such place is topmost in my mind today because I’m going back there for the wedding of my friend Jules this weekend. It was when I was in Bordeaux staying with Jules in July 2016 that I first started taking colourful pictures and putting them together to tell stories (these are some of the pics I took, encouraged by her). It was another long six months before I started The Colour File, uncertain as to what it was meant to be or whether anyone would be even remotely interested in my colour-nut ramblings (turns out some of you are so a massive thank you 🙏🏻). This weekend promises to be one of fun and friendship and a chance to celebrate with a fantabulous couple (I’m packing my dancing shoes, everyone, bruised toenails or not) but also to quietly thank Jules for encouraging me to pursue my colour-love and, of course, to clap eyes on my muse, Bordeaux, once again.

Martha, The Colour File x

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