17 October 18: Marble shelfie

I remember when I was a little girl, I was sent some Italian marbled stationery by a family friend who lived in Florence. I was captivated by the whirls and swirls of colour, gyrating and dancing on the notepad and up and down the pencils. Technically speaking it was for my mum but if memory serves me right I decided it was WAY too beautiful to be appreciated by a grown-up and bagged it for myself. I’ve had this thing about marbled stationery ever since. I had the same feeling of joy when I opened up the marble Build A Box stationery set from @mustardlondon earlier this week: pink, blue and white with a little cheeky swirl or two of yellow. Oh frabjous day! So, what does a girl DO when she gets such stunning stationery? Put it in a cupboard? Simply use it? No! She does a #shelfiewith it, of course!
Now, I know you’ll probably be suffering from deep stationery envy by now but don’t worry – you can get hold some of these marbled beauties for yourself, too. See below for more info. Anyway, enough from me – I’m off to drool over the marble…

Martha, The Colour File x

The gift boxes are available in a choice of 5 colours and 3 different sizes – The Essentials, The Popular One and The Full Monty. A great gift for someone – or you?…

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