18 October 18: Interiors compromise


Compromise is part of life. We all know that. When I did a shelfie styling workshop for @argoshome recently, I had an interesting conversation with one of the guests about it. Compromise appears in all areas of life but something I’m fascinated by (and what the conversation was about) is how you follow your heart’s desire when it comes to colourful interiors without ending up throwing plates and having to call in an arbitration service. For many years of singledom I haven’t had to worry a bit about those ‘Yes, but do YOU like it?’ conversations. Until now. At the age of 12, SIC has decided it’s time to flex his design preference muscles and tell me EXACTLY what he thinks of my colourful arrangements. Last week he declared my picture wall of postcards and posters a heinous crime against good taste. He didn’t directly tell me to dismantle it but I realised that this stuff can actually matter so when he was away for a weekend I did. This black wall is what’s left (hence a bit of experimentation – I’m quite enjoying how it breathes). What you do with shared spaces is about doing what you love but it’s also about respecting the views of others – well, if they REALLY object. I’m waiting for the guillotine to fall on our pink living room at some point. Between you and me, that may be a request too far…after all, compromise cuts both ways….

Martha, The Colour File x 

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