9 October 18: The ‘interiors compromise’ phenomenon

Good morning, my colour-loving chums.

Do you ever find yourself in an ‘interiors compromise’ situation? For years I’ve been able to decorate and arrange objects exactly as I please because second-in-command has always been too preoccupied by other things (Lego, Minecraft, Fortnite, grunting with displeasure) to care. But lately he’s started to express an opinion and I’m having to think more carefully about what I do (or, it seems, subject him to). As such, I took down the pictures that I’d put up with washi tape on the black wall (one of them by @natandrewson is now on this shelf) and I’m now going to court his opinion as to what should happen there next. I might even listen…What kind of interiors compromises do you have to put up with? Or do you tend to get your way?

Martha, The Colour File x

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