13 November 18: World Kindness Day


I woke up this morning and, thanks to @bowelbabe, realised that it’s World Kindness Day. It became a ‘thing’ following the success of a conference held in the mid-90s by the Small Kindness Movement where people from across the globe gathered to share their stories of kindness and wanted to spread the joy. As far as I can see, kindness matters beyond everything else in this world. If you have kindness, anything is possible, and without it, the essence of humanity seeps away. Self-kindness is part of that and I’m saying it here and now because a) I think that’s where it all starts and b) I’m personally not great at it. Right now I’m finding it hard, because that’s what anxiety is great at – pulling the self-kindness rug from under your feet. So today, on World Kindness Day, even though I’m not feeling particularly kind towards me, I’m posting up a picture of the kindness ambassador that is second-in-command (see top of pic). SIC has the knack of being kind to himself and to others, and always manages to make others (including me) feel a bit better about themselves because that’s the kind of incredible person that he is. Who is the kindness ambassador in YOUR life?

Martha, The Colour File x

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