18 November 18: On being a colour magpie…

Welcome to Sunday, folks

Do you ever get struck with choice panic when faced with a range of objects to choose from? I do – a lot. Or rather, I DID. I thought about it yesterday when I saw these piles of delicious kantha quilts at the Antonia Graham Christmas sale @graham (bottom left). Years ago, I was at a boot sale with my ex- and saw a table of beautiful, battered metallic jugs in pastel colours (from a school dining hall, maybe?). I bought four (‘Why do you even need FOUR?!’ he protested) but in truth I wanted them all. Luckily, since I started blogging about colour I’ve found that this purchase panic has largely subsided, mainly because I can ‘take’ all the objects I need by photographing them. Four jugs no more. Of course, there are some things this doesn’t apply to, like vintage Penguins…I think I’d need a lobotomy to stop me magpieing those. What objects can’t you resist? And how do you stop yourself (if, that is, you actually do?….)?

Martha, The Colour File x

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