19 November 18: I love concrete…

Hello and welcome to a new week

One of my favourite design crazes of the past few years is coloured concrete. It’s been around for centuries but became more popular in 1915 when a Chicago company managed to make it both durable AND beautiful. Historically, concrete reminded me of my school, Pimlico, a battleship-like Brutalist building designed by John Bancroft and a space that was ball-breakingly cold in winter but that you could fry an egg on in summer. Now it makes me thing of the gorgeous objects made by Emma McDowall @_studioemma such as the ice cream-coloured geometric tea light holder, centre shelf, and small vessel, bottom shelf that you’ll often see popping up on my shelfies. I’m just imagining how much more inspiring school might have been had Emma been allowed to mix her colourful magic into the fabric of the place. Now THAT I would loved to have seen….

Martha, The Colour File x

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