2 November 18: Community choir of glass

Yay!!! Friday!! And a super-sunny one at that

The sun streaming through the windows at Colour File HQ might show how much they need to be cleaned but it also makes my collection of coloured glass vessels sing like a felicitous choir. To spare me the indignity of you judging my grubby windows I’ve taken some of these little guys from their window position and temporarily put them on a shelf to be photographed instead. At the back, like a larger-than-life bass singer in an SATB arrangement, is the latest recruit to the choir – an @lsainternational green flower bud vase from my @amaraibas awards night goodie bag. I don’t know about you but I think he looks like he’s going to be FUN, the one who leads sing-songs during lock-ins after rehearsals…Goodness only knows what high jinx they’re getting up to while I’m out today…Hope you have as fun a Friday as they’re bound to be having.

Martha, The Colour File x

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