21 October 18: The joy of computer games

Like many parents, videogames have become an intrinsic part of my life (read ‘Would SIC speak to me more if I were a character from Fortnite?’ Only joking…). As an adult I think it’s so easy to see these games as the cause of so many of society’s ills, the reason kids dissociate from good and engage with bad, an interruption and a distraction and the monster-maker that alters the entire balance of a household. But when I took SIC to see a videogames exhibition at the V&A last week (Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt) I definitely saw things in a different light. We talked about the social benefits, the negotiation and people management that is part and parcel of gaming. He told he, ‘I now chat to X from school who I haven’t got on with before’. Turns out games have been cultural currency to help him crack a hard friendship nut. Phenomenal. I was also bowled over by the creative genius that goes into these games, including the score-writing (dark, soaring, atmospheric genius) and, of course, the colour choices that help to take players on their gaming journeys. A real growth mindset experience. Have a great Sunday, folks.

Martha, The Colour File x

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