22 October 18: Fallen out over colour?

🤔Have you ever fallen out with someone over a colour?
‘Who would do THAT?!!’ I hear you say. Trust me, people have fallen out over a lot less. Besides, if you ask me, colour isn’t a trifling issue: it really does matter. Quite simply, in my book, Colour is worth fighting for. I recently visited @angelabuntcreative along with @marydarchdesign and @tipperleyhill where we ate cake that was made by Angela but tasted like it was the work of angels. Angela pulled out a basket of multicoloured linen napkins for us to choose from (what joy!) and told us how a couple who visited once started fighting over his napkin colour choice
(Her: ‘What do you MEAN you like pink?! You’ve NEVER liked pink!’ Him: ‘Yes I have! I love pink!’ Her: ‘Since WHEN?!?!!’…….*awkward silence*
Eeep. Quick, hide behind the sofa before the cutlery starts flying….
Have you ever fallen out with someone over a colour? I’m doing some research and would LOVE to know…

Martha, The Colour File x

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