23 November 18: Chromatophobia

As someone who loves colour with a passion, I’m fascinated when people tell me they’re afraid of it. They’re usually saying it in the context of being scared to be adventurous when choosing paint colours or an outfit for a wedding. However, there actually IS such a thing as colour phobia: chromatophobia. There are even specific names for phobias of specific colours, including erythrophobia, which is a fear of red (perhaps because of its association with blood). It can arise out of a traumatic incident or may simply stem from cultural or superstitious associations with a colour (I know someone whose grandmother was prasinophobic – scared of green – because she thought it was unlucky and would never get in a green car.) What’s your phobia? And if it’s a colour, which one is it? Beige?…..

Martha, The Colour File x

PS the picture on the bottom right is of a crack in my house but I suddenly realised how well it went with the three other pics, colour-wise 🤔

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