27 October 18: Happy Saturdae [sic] folks

Hi colour-chums
I’ve done something I rarely do and taken to bed this morning to kick a cold into touch in lieu of a busy week to come (I only have my partying self to blame, but it WAS fun). SIC has brought me tea ❤️ and I’m lying here enjoying the sunlight streaming through my bedroom window onto some of my favourite pastel things (LOVING my @paulwestart painting of a welsh landscape). Notice the deliberate mistake on this shelf? So desperate was I to have this pink letter board by @designletters with typography by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen that I begged to buy the display one from a store. Trouble is, it would seem certain letters are hard to come by, like Y (what could they have been needed for? Yay? Yurt? Yams?) so I’ve been forced to think laterally. I don’t think today is going to get any more creative than that… Have a tip-top day, folks. And don’t forget to change your clocks.

Martha, The Colour File x

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